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    I have several Yaesu FT-2800 radios and looking to purchase a cable/software package for programming. From my reading there are 3 options for software (RT Systems, Bob Freeth G4HFQ, and Chirp.) I would like the opintions of others who have used the above software packages.


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    I use RT Systems software on 2 different Yaesu radios no problems.
    They just added accessing RFinder to their programs to make programming even easier.

    If you already have 1 programmed the way you want it you can import the settings into the program (or you could probably just use a clone cable)
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    While I prefer the G4HFQ packages, any of those three options will work fine for you. Both G4HFQ and the RT Systems stuff cost about the same by the time you've figured in the cables, but Chirp is free, IIRC.

    Just pick one and go. :-)

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