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    I have used a Accurian # 16-454 portable TV from Radio Shack in my go box for about 4 years. The internal battery is now so shot that I can not run the TV off the external power port any more as of yesterday. Went online to TV forum and was told that these are sealed, recycle and buy a new one. Us being Hams know that the rig is never done till we let all the smoke out. I pulled the 4 corner screws out and check under all decals and the folding stand for more screws nothing. Will not come apart, pretty sure it has been glued. Looked through all vent holes can only see circuit board. Has anyone been down this road ahead of me? Steve

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    Try calling

    The Nicad Lady
    Batteries America

    If they don't have them readily available they may be able to rebuild your pack.

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    Tried a plastic pry tool along the seam? Some of these critters are pop-fit. There *may* be some double stick tape back there too. I found that on one of my droid tablets.

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    Thank you KK4AMP, The video was very helpful, I used a Xatco Knife to cut down the side with the knobs until I cut through the plastic snap clip, once I got the first one apart the rest of them came pretty easy. The worst was the double sided tape that held the screen in place. Remove both screws that hold the antenna in place and it was apart.

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