85 Birthday of Pope Benedikt on Monday 16.04.2012 - DM6HK are QRV !

Hallo Hamradio Station around the world the Station DM6HK are QRV from the Birthplace of Pope Benedikt XVI.
85 Birthday of POPE BENEDIKT XIV at 16.April. 2012.
QRV on
40m 7.180 MHZ
20m 14.180 MHZ
17m 18.140 MHZ
15m 21.280 MHZ
12m 24.940 MHZ
10m 28.480 MHZ
6m 50.180 MHZ
2m 145.712 MHZ FM Repeater local.
70cm 439.012 MHZ also via ECHOLINK on DB1BKN Note-Nr: 501817

Im QRV from 10.00 UTC to 20.00 UTC.
Im QRV also QRV from 16.04.2012 to 30.04.2012 and i hope to work a lot of Station around the world.
Best Dx and 73 from DM 6 HK from the Birthsplace of Pope Benedikt XVI.