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Thread: Need some help with the Hw 101 Realy replacment.....

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    Default Need some help with the Hw 101 Realy replacment.....

    I have been working on my friends HW 101 and got it working. The relay in the final section may be problematic. I wanted to order him a replacement to have on hand incase of a complete failure in the future. I've done some looking around and it seems to have come down to two but I cannot figure out which one I need and these may not work.

    Do you mind looking at the two and telling me if one will work? I know he hw 101 requires a mounting screw but I think I maybe able to make it work with alternate mounting methods. The other realy seems to work. Should I order a back up for that one or is it usually problem free?

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Thanks KB4MNG Brian

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    Hi Brian, the realys you have picked will not work properly in a HW-101. The relays RL1 and RL2 are higher voltage DC relays. They have 300VDC going through them. There is a site that has them and they list for about $8.00 which isn't bad. Information here;
    Hope this helps

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