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Thread: Breakdown for Was and Wac ?

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    Default Breakdown for Was and Wac ?

    How do I change from my logbook to my qrz., page in other words breakdown countries and states for Was, and Wac ? Also is there any extra cost ? thanks W8dxd

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    There is no sort by countries or state, etc.

    There is an indirect way to accomplish this and that is by downloading your QRZ Log in ADIF format and then operate on that file (sort by DXCC entity, etc). But, that is not straightforward either.

    In order to activate the QRZ Logbook ADIF upload/download feature you would have to be a subscriber at the XML level or higher. Then the only records that will appear in your downloaded file will be the records that you have entered (outgoing) and not the records that a worked party has entered (incoming). To capture these would require first entering an outgoing duplicate.

    The ADIF file is a text file arranged according to the protocol described at . You would next need a text editor that can sort, or better yet, find a utility that converts ADIF files to Excel spreadsheets and operate using Excel or equivalent for easier manipulation [Google: ADIF to Excel Converter]

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