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Thread: Yaesu FT107 Extender Board Pair

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    Default Yaesu FT107 Extender Board Pair

    Offering a circuit extender board set assembled and ready to use for the Yaesu FT107 Transceiver. These boards are used to extend the plug-in boards so they can be serviced and/or repaired. Note that this is a board designed to closely match the originals for fit form and function. For troubleshooting these boards are needed to aid in tracing signals on and off the radio circuit boards.

    The set includes the following boards:

    One 22 X 2 (22 conductors on each side for a total of 44 conductors)

    One 40 X 1 conductor extender single sided extender for 40 conductors. (Special .125" pitch 40P connector.

    From FT107 owners I have been told the two boards above are all that is need for servicing. Please let me know if anything more is needed.

    Note: The 40 X 1 extender uses the .125 pitch 40 P connector. I have a limited number of these and have been told they are out of production and difficult to find. FT107 owners be advised that finding extender boards or parts to build them in the future may be very difficult.

    Please contact me regarding any Yaesu, Heathkit, Tempo ect. extenders needed. If I don't have what you need in my stock I may be able to do a custom set of boards and offer them to move you forward on trouble shooting your radio.

    My warranty is simple. Boards may be returned within a month for any reason for a refund of the purchase price. In fact if the buyer is on a tight budget and finds the boards are no longer needed after the troubleshooting of the Yaesu is completed return of the boards will be fine.

    Price $50 + $10 S+HClick image for larger version. 

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    If you have any comments or suggestions please write.

    TNX & 73

    John WA1ESO

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    ill take a set, please contact me. ron

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    I have a set for FT-101's and they are very nice, would buy again if needed.
    73 de Fred N0AZZ


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