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Thread: Need a 74S10 or 54S10 To Repair Equipment

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    Default Need a 74S10 or 54S10 To Repair Equipment

    I need a 74S10 or 54S10 Nand Gate to repair a counter. If anyone has one please one let me know.

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    Electronic Goldmine, IN STOCK, 49 cent part.
    Nullius in verba

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    Jameco, JDR, Digi-Key should have the part, but may have a minimum order. in the meantime, you can try a 74LS10 or even a 74CS10 (or other CMOS equivalent) if the device can provide sufficient drive to subsequent stages of a counter chain. The Schottky line of TTL IC's have pretty much been replaced with lower power equivalents, although mixing the types can be a mixed bag of tricks and pitfalls.

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