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Thread: MixW Software - no product, no answer, no refund

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    Default MixW Software - no product, no answer, no refund

    Ordered MixW SW from the link on their website. Credit Card charged immediately, and promised that the license key would be sent directly from the author (UT2UZ) within 48 hours. Never sent. A dozen+ emails to both the payment processing company (Share-it / Element 5) and directly to both contacts on the site multiple times (UT2UZ and UU9JDR) have produced no response from the authors or the company and robo letters from the processing company. A week later, still no product, refund or any response from the company's 2 listed contacts. I was lucky this was a credit card charge and I was able to void the transaction. If I had sent a check or used another form of payment, I'd be out $50.

    I'm not posting this as an accusation - this appears to be legitimate company and the SW is certainly excellent, but with the authors located in the Ukraine, the payment company in Germany, and no way to get a resolution from either, I'd be remiss if I didn't let others in the community know of the experience so they know what to expect if they order from this company. If there are extenuating circumstances or there's another explanation, I'd invite the company owners to respond.


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    WA2VOS is the US "agent" for registering MixW

    I would contact him, explain the circumstances, and hopefully he can help you.
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    Addendum: The seller has contacted me and the problem is resolved - apparently an email issue on his end. I'm both relieved and pleased as this is an excellent piece of SW!


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