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Thread: Adding a CTCSS encoder to a Kenwood TW4000A

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    Default Adding a CTCSS encoder to a Kenwood TW4000A

    Have a TW4000A dual band 2M.70cm transceiver without a CTCSS tone encoder. Where and how do I add a CTCSS encoder like a Comm Specialist TE-12P encoder so that it will work on both the VHF and UHF bands?

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    The TE-12P is an old unit and is no longer being manufactured by Communications Specialists.

    If you have any need to change the CTCSS tone, then you definitely do NOT want a single tone board. The TE-32 is a much better value. It does mount on the outside of the unit but does have all 32 of the most used tones available.

    The correct place to connect the tone is to the "wiper" of the deviation control in the transmitter.

    Glen, K9STH

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    The original dual band CTCSS for this radio was the Kenwood TU-4C option,
    which were 2 encoders stacked on top of each other.
    It does not appear that Piexx makes a direct replacement.

    Kenwood TW-4000a - Universal Radio listing of accessories

    The current internal Com-Spec model is the: SS-64
    The TE-32 that Glen, K9STH mentioned is an SS-64 encoder
    in an external PacTec enclosure with a tone selection knob.

    It appears that you would need 2, or ability to inject CTCSS at a common point (schematic needed)
    in order to emulate the Kenwood TU-4C option.
    Communication Specialists never wrote a specific application note for the TW-4000a
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    True the TE-12P an "oldie"....I have one...actually a forerunner of the TE 32 series and does have available 12 frequencies at the twist of the knob.
    73 Bill WJ5O/BCN 28.289 MHz

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    True the TE-12P an "oldie"....I have one
    Bill -

    They work well (and sometimes a nice bargain) ....
    I see them appear on eBay every few months from Land Mobile dealers surplusing equipment !

    Nullius in verba

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