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Thread: Icom IC-730 alignment

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    Default Icom IC-730 alignment

    This may be a dupe, I thought I had posted it yesterday but it's not showing.

    My 730 has a control under the top cover that's labeled "Frequency Set Control" and it "is for the fine adjustment of the reference frequency of the PLL unit, which is local oscillator frequency."

    Will changing the setting of this control change both the receiving as well as transmitting frequency of my signal as I suspect?

    Thanks, Mike

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    If it's the same control as found on many Icom of that era the answer is yes it affects rx and tx. It's a pot connected to the referrence oscillator circuit feeding the pll. Icom intended it to be used when temperature extremes warranted an adjustment. Say when you're listening to wwv on ssb and the temp is -15f and the Icom is 400 Hz off, you can adjust it from the top panel rather than unscrewing all the case screws and fiddling with the ref osc proper.
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    You can dial it in pretty close yourself by using just your ear and a WWV station by following this method...

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    I hate tuning by ear because it makes my ear hurt where I have to push it into the screwdriver slot.
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