Have a set of Drake twins,receiver was just gone thru and aligned and works 100%.Cosmetics are 8.5/10.Includes the extra crystal for 17 meters.Sn# 5900B. the T4x sn# 13619B,cosmetics are a 9/10.Output is apx 100 watts,less on 10. Will include all cables,manuals. Both rigs have new blue filters and LED bulbs.The vox circuit does not work,PTT works fine.All caps and resistors that needed to be changed on each have been done. The AC-4 has the new Heathkit board installed.Just don't have room any longer. No Mic,but will include a proper jack with 2- 1/8" jacks attached, for PTT and mic input.
asking 590.00 split shipping
dale wt4t

contact dale yash@aol.com