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Thread: drake tr4 problem no receive or out put

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    Quote Originally Posted by KI4OVR
    I traced down the problem to the Drake TR-4 power supply (AC-3 or AC-4).
    I am going to purchase and assemble Mike Bryce's (The Heathkit Shop) AC-4R replacement board kit.
    Terry -

    Great. After 40 years, it is not surprising that these HV components are failing.
    High Voltage (HV) electrolytic capacitors have a specific operating life. CDE/Mallory actually states this expected life with their product specifications.

    Mike Bryce, WB8VGE has a nice Drake AC-3/AC-4 replacement board and the instructions.
    When used with the Drake schematics it is a straight forward replacment with a bit of soldering involved.
    Since these leads are HV, be patient and make good solder joints !!
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    The the 0A2: These "almost" never fail. The only thing that takes them out is physical breakage of the glass, or the series resistor drifting down so low in value that there's too much current igniting the tube.

    But if it doesn't glow, chances are there's no voltage getting to it and if so then of course the PTO won't work and the rig cannot possibly receive or transmit.
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