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Thread: Echolink disconnecting after about a minute...

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    Question Echolink disconnecting after about a minute...


    I have set up echolink in sysop-r mode on a laptop I have behind a home router. I have ports 5100-5905 forwarded to the laptop. The laptop has a linksys wireless card installed with all the power saving functions I could find turned off. I am able to VNC to the laptop from inside and outside the network. Whenever I connect the sysop with echolink (on my android) it stays connected for about a minute, then logs me out whether there is traffic or not. All my timeouts on the sysop are set to zero and I've been beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out. I can install echolink sysop on other computers on my home network and it stays connected, but not with the laptop I have serving my ham gear. Has anyone run into this or have any ideas? On my android it just says "The remote node disconnected".



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    Have you tried connecting your link to something (Like the test server) ?? If so, what were the results?

    Also, what PROTOCOLS are you using for 5198, 5199 & 5200 (It's VITAL you get it right)

    Cheers & 73

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