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    With over 3000 units sold, The Original Rigger is back into production after a 10 year production break. This HT Stand does it all. Of course it's a portable HT stand, with a handle for portability that doubles as a microphone holder, with space for a swr/pwr meter, and a shelf for that brick amplifier to boost your HT from 5 watts to 40, or a small lead acid battery for extended operations. Add an external antenna and your station is in portable mode.

    It's base is 1/4" steel measuring 5" x 5" and a 16 guage steel riser. We apply 2 layers of automotive primer, 2 coats of flat black enamel, and one coat of clear acrylic to make sure it lasts for many years to come. No assembly required. With its heavy duty construction, it won't tip over and it always presents your HT digital readout and keypad in a most ideal position.

    The Rigger is Guaranteed for life...that's right, for life. If it breaks, accidentally of course, we'll replace just ship the broken Rigger to us and we'll ship a replacement back to you, no charge.

    Originally designed for County EOC's and Police Departments, to save their portable radios from being knocked onto the floor, the Rigger is the perfect addition to your shack or a remote high power station in the field.

    Please buy with confidence. We are the manufacturer. The Rigger has been in production for over14 years, with an excellent track record. Made in Macon, Georgia by Ham Radio Operators, in a Veteran Owned Business.

    Please email me directly at
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    What is the price?
    de NB3R

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    Thanks for your interest. The Rigger is priced at $21.95 plus 11.35 shipping/handling...

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