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Thread: what ht do you use??

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    My first portable was a GE Voice Commander converted to 2-meters. I called it the UNhandie-talkie, or UHT.

    It had an 18" telescoping antenna that is not apparent in this photo. The bottom half was the case for the twin 7.5 volt battery pack. These batteries were normally in parallel for 7.5v to the RCVR, but were switched in series by the PTT for 15v to the XMTR. This thing was about 6"(W) x 10"(H) x 1 1/4"(D). To operate it you had to hold it in both hands and press the big black PTT button with BOTH thumbs. VERY UNHANDY! I don't have this one any more.

    Here are the HT's I currently have:

    Drake TR-22C -- 12 sets of crystals, a fresh set of ni-cads, and I do still use it.

    Kenwood TH-21AT -- still my favorite HT.
    Sure wish I had the tone board for it.

    Alinco DJ-180T -- my workhorse
    rugged and reliable, super easy to program

    Yaesu VX-1R -- my first dual-bander
    It's proven rugged and reliable. The 1/2 Watt output gets through surprisingly well.
    Still, its tiny size feels awkward in my hand and I consider it little more than a toy.

    Wax-On KG-UVDP-1 -- my cheap way into a dual-bander with power.
    I've used it a few times, but I'm not convinced of it's ruggedness or reliability.
    Super hard to program manually in the field. (I don't attempt it.)
    When I use it, I carry the VX-1R and the DJ-180 as backups.
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    73, Steve
    44 years in Amateur Radio

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    3 Kenwood TH-F6-As and two Icom IC-T7Hs

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    I currently have a couple of salvaged Motorola HT750 portables for UHF and VHF with a couple of local repeaters programmed into them and the national calling frequencies but rarely use them.
    In the past I have had a HT600 that I once used on top of Mauna Kea at 14000 ft to make a few simplex contacts on 2M from the Big Island to Oahu (nearly 300 miles). It was cold up there.
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    I use a VX-7r (black) and have had 7 other HT's, but I stick with the VX-7r probably because it's the most universally unfriendly programming HT I've ever seen! I putzed around with keypad entry for about 3 months and became very good at doing that factory reset, and then I purchased the software and cable: it's a delightful radio now, but I have no interest in messing around with its programming in the field, I just make a note and take it home and change the software and presto--reprogrammed perfectly. I never mess it up in the field. I also like it's look, feel, clarity, sensitivity, and battery life.

    73 de N7GH

    BTW: Kenwood's TH-F6A is probably the easiest keypad programmable HT, I've ever had!

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    I just added the Baofeng uv-5r to the shack. It is a nice little (cheap) radio but other than the price, I don't know what the fuss is all about. Yes, you do get a lot for your $65 ( shipped from import communications ) but these chinese cheapo's will never hang with the big boys. ( icom, yaesu, kenwood)

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    HTX-420 dual bander. Nice rugged little unit there. Even takes AA batteries.
    Corey, KC2UGV

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    Kenwood TH-D7A for Sky Command Remote Control with my TS-2000S/X

    Gene W5DQ

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    My first radio is a Quansheng TG-K4AT. A single band, 2 meter / 5 watt hand held and it works great! Only licensed for two days, I've made various contacts with this radio from inside my garage. Out on the patio I am even more impressed with how excellent this HT is working out. Priced very well, I was able to find this on eBay from Hong Kong for only $44.00 (free shipping).

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    my first HT was 10 watts 2 meter Mobile Radio Kenwood TR-7200G and small Lead Acid battery in bicycle basket. then IC-02AT, did not had HT for more than 10 years, recently got IC-V80

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    I'm saving up for my first HT (I've been using borrowed equipment since I got my license last month). It's going to be a Yaesu VX-8DR, I've already decided and am 100% sure this is the HT for me.

    73 de Calvin
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