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    Will the icoms mast pre amps work with the Yeasu ft-847 I know it can provide 12v via coax, does the icom need 8v
    Tks Terry N4RQ
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    Quote Originally Posted by N4RQ
    Will the Icom AG-series of oputdoor (mast-mounted) pre-amps work with the Yeasu FT-847 transceiver?

    I know the FT-847 can provide 12 V via the coaxial cable, but does the Icom pre-amp require 8 Volts?
    Terry -

    The Icom AG-series of pre-amps has the 8 volt regulator INSIDE the Icom outdoor VHF or UHF pre-ampliifer

    Those Icom manuals and schematics (for AG-25 and AG-35 pre-amp) are on MODS.DK
    The files are not exactly labeled properly, but I assure you the information is there!!

    My concern with outdoor (mast mounted) pre-amps for VHF/UHF has been proper sequencing/timing to avoid
    transmitting into the pre-amps.

    During my tests with an Icom VHF pre-amp (AG-25 currently on mast) with my Yaesu, it appears to work properly. Reviews of the Icom AG-25

    BTW, the transistor used in the Icom AG-35 pre-amps : 3SK121
    Nullius in verba

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