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Thread: For The SDR Fans

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    Default For The SDR Fans

    I saw this over at Hack A Day and thought I would pass it along.

    Software defined radio from a USB TV capture card

    posted Mar 20th 2012 11:01am by Brian Benchoff
    filed under: peripherals hacks, radio hacks

    With a simple digital TV USB capture card, you can build your own software defined radio or spectrum analyzer. While it may not be as cool as [Jeri Ellsworth]s SDR, its still very useful and only requires $20 in hardware.
    The only piece of hardware required for this build is a USB FM/DTV capture device with the Realtek RTL2832U chipset. So far, two USB sticks have been tested and the unit with the largest frequency range (64 1700 MHz) is available direct from China for $20.
    Turning these cheap capture cards into software defined radios and spectrum analyzers was discovered by [Antti Palosaari] after sniffing the device. These cards demodulate the frequency and send all the data to the computer and is decoded via software. If you have one of these capture cards lying around, you can grab the software and load it up on your *nix box. Right now, the software only writes directly to a file, and may drop a few samples if writing to a hard disk instead of ram. Small problems, but were sure this project will pick up steam in the very near future.
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    This looks kind of cool....

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    W4AFB Guest


    Very cool.

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    Looks a lot like the FunCube receiver.


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    Question Chime in!

    I just bought one of these for $14.12 with free shipping.

    This looks like it has potential. Who else is going to play with this?

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    Hmmm.. I may have to dig through the junk box for that Hauppauge ATSC dongle that I retired from service. Good find, Sue. Thanks for sharing!
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