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Thread: N1MM logger interface error

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    Default N1MM logger interface error

    I was wondering if anyone has had an error that says something about an interface error while starting up N1MM logger. I uninstalled the program and it still has the same error. It was working good for a while and all of a sudden I got that error when I opened it up. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Did you change a setting concerning the interface to your radio or rotator? Cable fall off?

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    Well, which interface is it complaining about? Probably the serial (or USB) interface to the rig? If the serial interface, check that it's mapped to the correct COM port first, that the radio is on, and that you have the right communication settings in the configuration window for that rig, especially the baud rate. For my Argo V I have to always reset it from the default of 4800 baud to 1200 baud.

    Also, there is an N1MM Logger Yahoo! Group, which is very active. Much better place to ask the question, IMHO.
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