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    The Global Beam Display provides a visual presentation of where your directive antenna is pointed, not just a digital bearing. It consists of a polar map, centered on your location, showing where on the globe you are viewing while also providing many of the available prefix's within that region.

    The Global Beam Display can interface with virtually any rotor controller using the available analog or digital models.

    The new I2C digital input beam display is compatible with all serial port equipped RS232 rotor controllers including the RT-21, M2, Alfa Spid, Prosistel, ERC, Etc.

    A PC utility program, GBD-Tool, is included for setting all of the digital beam display modes including: Rotor Type, Beam Width, Long Path, Offset, Second Offset Antenna, SteppIR, Beam Gap and much more. And there is no calibration required with the I2C digital design.

    For analog input rotor controllers, the analog input display is available.

    Maps are printed on Back-Lit material using an HP Designjet L25500 Latex Printer. The final print is impervious to almost all external effects.
    Polar map selections can be a standard design or one of your own.

    This is an International Ham venture from W3FRG and DK7NT

    Beam Displays are available in standard 16" x 16" and 24" x 24" sizes with your custom designed polar map.

    The Beam Display comes with everything required, no additional items required.
    Domestic Shipping is included plus a full two year warranty period on P&L.

    No excuses for where your antenna is pointed anymore.

    For full details, available options, plus a brief video demo, showing the SteppIRİYagi during heading changes, see our web page at:

    Custom maps, upgrades and retrofits are also available for the original analog VBI-360 Beam Indicator.
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