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Thread: Remoting the entire Logbook to another computer networked on LAN?

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    Default Remoting the entire Logbook to another computer networked on LAN?

    I am running multiple station setups. I have rig and computer combos around the room that may have multiple operators. It has been great being able to use DM 780 on one computer, yet log it into a log on another computer. Doing this lets one operator have a resident log on one computer and another operator have a resident log on another computer. This works great for digital modes, but I am wondering if this can be established for the entire log. Is there a way to bring up the logbook on a second computer and remote its database to a remote computer? This way giving me the entire functionality of having the dx cluster and add/delete/modify regardless of having DM 780 up and connected through the network. It seems that if one has the ability to do it with DM 780, that there would be it for the logbook itself. Just having a though time finding the option anywhere.

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    With Access, place the log on a system in it's own directory and then share the directory. From the remote computers, map a persistent drive to the log share. Open the log in HRD and point it to the shared directory and the log file. All set.

    With MySQL, you'll need to get the Log DB up and running and available via the network. Then using the ODBC connectors on the various machines link back to the central SQL server. Using the ODBC connector in HRD Logbook, connect to the SQL server and the DB using standard techniques (if you are using MySQL, you should know how to do this, but if you need step by step directions, E-Mail me).

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