I had occasion to do some business on the QRZ Swapmeet with Jimmy (N8NSN) recently. We talked, agreed on a price, and I promised to send the money for my purchase ASAP. Well, that ASAP led me on about a 40 day goosechase, and I kept Jimmy up to speed on the process. I offered to pass on the rig, and he told me that he wanted me to have it, because he knew it would be going to a good home....in short, he would NOT sell it to anyone BUT ME. I was floored!

The long-awaited cash arrived, and I immediately called him and sent the payment as promised. My Ten Tec Jupiter arrived quickly, and I am 100% satisfied with our deal.

The lesson learned here was this: There are good Hams on this Swapmeet, there are great Hams here, and then there are STELLAR Hams here! I would not hesitate to do business on any level with Jimmy, and neither should you. He's a man of his word and that's rare today!!!

73 to all,