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Thread: Can i reverse mod on a galaxy Dx2517

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    Smile Can i reverse mod on a galaxy Dx2517

    I've been wanting to get on 10 meter for some time now and finally got a pretty decent deal on a galaxy 2517 at a time weqenchen i had the money to buy it but i got it home and its a cb. I dont want a cb. I look'd it up online and see it originally came out as a 10 meter radio and found that a jumper was moved to make it a cb. I need to know what pins the jumper where on when it came out factory. I found one place that said the jumper was on pin 1 and 2 when it came out but when i put it there the a,b,c,d, knob don't change to any other frequency.I need any info I can get on how to convert my nice radio back to the 10 meter machine I been wanting for so long. If anyone can help I'd be most grateful. Thanks in advance

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    Even though that radio was touted as a "10 meter Amateur Radio" by the manufacturer and subsequent dealers, it was really aimed at the CB radio audience. A little bit of political correctness was going on. You will probably have more luck posting your questions on some of the cb forums. Those fellas will likely have more answers for this particular radio. Here is one such forum:

    Good luck!


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    I'm not really in favor of these single band units that cost just about as much as a HF amateur rig. But since you already have it there is a modification you can do to get it to cover the entire 10 meter band. Look at See if that will help.

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    ok thanks But looks like that procedure is a little advanced for me. i think ill let some one with better skills take that one but now i do know it can be done thanks!!!

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    try the following link...

    you will have to scroll down some but it liiks like the mod to reverse the channel modification is relativally simple. a relocation of jumper pins. again do at your own risk, but this was a common trick for the radio to be 'expanded' with a simple removal of a jumper or a plug in connector "not plugged in."

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