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Thread: Logbook: uncertainty about log entry "seen" and "confirmed"

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    Default Logbook: uncertainty about log entry "seen" and "confirmed"

    Hallo friends!

    I have a question:

    Having entered all contacts made within a session into the log, (provided that those stations work with, I wonder, why some colleges, having obviously read "their" entry, respond by the blue dot (seen) and not by the yellow star (confirmed).
    Have I missed something within the rules?

    Many thanks for your attention!

    vy 73, Bernd, DK2QX

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    It is possible for a user to review entries received from worked parties in its logbook but then choose not to confirm them.

    For example, some users only upload their logs and then review the logbook to see the upload was sucessful. While reviewing their logbook, they do not bother about confirming matching QSOs recevied from worked parties.

    There is no strict rule as to degree of involvement. It is up to the choice of the user. Some participate to a greater depth than others.

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    ...thank you very much for your explanation, dr OM!

    vy 73, Bernd, DK2QX

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