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Thread: How do i download qrz logbook to my computer?

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    Unhappy How do i download qrz logbook to my computer?

    I have tried on several occasions to dnld my QRZ Logbook from the QRZ site, and several more to request dnlds...but to no avail. I must be holding my mouth the wrong way, huh? Pse tell me how to dnlad the ADIF file. Tnx, 73, Jerry

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    I hadn't done this myself in quite a while and I know it used to work. I just went into my logbook and clicked on the options tab. I clicked the Request button which gets grayed out and the text indicates it has been queued. I had to refresh the page since I don't think it is updated dynamically, and in less than 10 mins I had the info showing the size available and the Download button was enabled. I clicked Download and a page shows with the link to the ADI file I can save to my local computer. As a point of reference, I have 31719 QSOs in the QRZ logbook.

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    This use to work pretty well. As pointed out in the other post you now have to request the ADIF file be generated. It only takes a couple minutes then you can download it. The downside is this - I don't know what they changed since the fall of 2011 - but every time I try to use ADIF files from QRZ in my application (MacLoggerDX) the application crashes. I do not have this problem with ADIF files from other sites.

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