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Thread: mic. wiring diagrams.

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    Cool mic. wiring diagrams.

    i need a mic wiring diagram for a yaesu ft-101e and a d104/t-up9 any help please .

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    Quote Originally Posted by KF5MLO
    I need a mic wiring diagram for a Yaesu FT-101e and an Astatic D-104 with T-UP9 desk stand.
    Any help please.
    Jim -

    Questions about wiring up the Astatic D-104 microphone to a radio is a Top 10 FAQ.
    It is just a matter of referencing the G4WPW web site (web page link below) OR
    reading the schematics and manuals for these products and "connecting the dots" (web links below).

    NOTE: Modern amateur radio equipment usually has no need for micorphone pre-amps of this era.
    These pre-amps were largely installed for the <$100 CB radios of the 1970s and address Astatic's Hi-Z crystal element output
    to match to modern sold-state Lo-Z radio microphone inputs.

    KEEP gain knob (D-104 pre-amp) at MINIMUM setting to avoid distortion or spatter.
    Adjust the mic gain control on your FT-101E for proper audio.

    G4WPW has compiled Microphone Connections to answer 99% of these microphone wiring questions

    Astatic Desk (D-104) and Hand microphone schematics

    Yaesu FT-101E Owner's Manual (turn to page on pin assignments of micorphone connector)
    Courtesy of Fox Tango - The International Yaesu Users' Group

    Every need to "open up" that Yaesu FT-101E for repairs? -- then you need the Service Manual
    Courtesy of Fox Tango - The International Yaesu Users' Group

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    All the links he posted for you above are down-loadable and you can print them all out as I did. I have 2 complete lines of Yaesu Ft-101E's and a set of twins FL-101,FR-101 loaded with every option. Carol's site is a wealth of information for all Yaesu radios and even the QTR-24 clock that helped me also.
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