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Thread: Hamtronics R301 Synth. 2 Meter Reciever Board

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    Default Hamtronics R301 Synth. 2 Meter Reciever Board

    For Sale: Hamtronics R301 Synthesized 2 Meter (144-148 MHz) Receiver board. This unit is fully assembled and comes ready to receive. Just apply 12 volts, connect speaker and antenna. No receiver crystals are required. Just set dip switches to desired receive frequency and peak receiver. Receiver can be peaked with a voltmeter.

    The receiver is a great unit which can be used for a variety of amateur radio applications such a primary 2 meter repeater receiver, 2 meter repeater voting receiver, VHF repeater linking receiver, remote control receiver, Packet Radio receiver, VHF beacon receiver, 146.520 MHz monitor receiver, Local Oscillator for Microwave RF systems, etc. There are even more other possibles not listed here.

    The manual and complete information for this and other fine Hamtronics products can be downloaded at no cost from the Hamtronics website.

    At the present time I am only interested in selling so no trade offers please. The board will be properly boxed for final shipping.

    For payment please send a USPS money order made out for $124 which covers the cost of the board along with insurance and shipping. Once the money order is received I will then have receiver board insured and shipped to your location within CONUS.

    Please take a moment to view the digital photograph I have included in this post.

    If you are interested purchasing or require more information about this fine Hamtronics receiver board please email me at sehaner (at) bellsouth (dot) net.


    Scott KB0Y
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