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Thread: Introducing AlasKit

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    Eric , something like this could give a bump to 220 , the only rig I have that does 220 is my HT , Yaesu 7XR , and I leave it in go box and never use , if I have something for mobile or base , I would populate 220 .
    I saw an interview a while back of an economist , and what really caught me was his talk about the only , THE ONLY thing that creates wealth in a country is manufacturing / processing of natural resources .
    That's not verbatim , and neither is another statement , but as my memory recalls , everything else is a drain on an economy , or a parasite .
    In other words , pay minium wage to management / bureaucrats etc. - another pet-peeve
    Now you got me waiting for another future goodie , I hope to see this and others AlasKit stuff , I can't wait .

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    My understanding is that its tough to get a new business going. I wish you the best in your venture and hope that I'm wrong and its a breeze. I like the approach, finding a void and filling it. Don't forget to make right the four "p"s necessary for a successful business-- Product, Place, Promotion, and Price. My best to you and your coherts. Joe, KJ4LVY
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    We'll be keeping an eye out for your new 220 rig from down here in Ketchikan. GL Eric, make us proud!

    Mark WL7N

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    If this is a transverter with a stable frequency generation system, I'd love one for my FT-990, and at least 10w out would be terrific.

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