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    Up for your consideration is this Cold War classic; the Hallicrafters SX-62A in wonderful condition with only a few nicks. Two years ago, I had this rig overhauled and realigned, including testing of all tubes and replaced if necessary, electrolytics, capacitors, etc, by a gentleman in Maryland ( The radio sings and looks great and is functional on all bands including FM. I am currently using this rig every night in my shack and listening to either short wave broadcasts or AM broadcasts. I listen to NPR as well. I have it connected to a 105ft long wire. The price is $350: postal money order, or paypal. The rig is heavy (about 45 lbs), so shipping is a consideration. I will pack it up well. I live on Long Island, so if you want to pick it up, that will be fine. I can be reached at my email address here on QRZ.
    Thanks for looking,
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