With this easy to use interface, you can now use your David Clark
Aviation Headset (H10-30) with any Icom or Yeasu radio equipped with a
CAT-5 style Microphone Jack!
  • I will hand build each unit to work with the radio you specify on checkout, test it and ship it to you by Priority Mail.
  • I
    have used my Headset with my Icom 706MkIIG and received excellent
    signal reports locally and DX! This interface was designed by me
    (KI6LNG), a General Class Amateur Radio Operator, licensed for over 15
  • You will get a 14 day no questions asked return policy
    and a lifetime warranty. If your interface stops working due to
    defective craftsmanship, I will fix it for you at no cost other than

Interface Includes Speaker and Mic jacks for DC
Headset, PTT Button, and a CAT-5 style plug to work with your ICOM or
Yeasu (Specify on checkout) model.

***Custom configurations are possible, such as another model of radio or headset. Please contact me with your requests.

Thanks for Looking!

Rob Duggan