Hello from KS1P to all my fellow Ham's

A report on the SA-680 Scorpion antenna in classic finish. If you haven't seen and held this antenna you have no idea of
what quality workmanship means. It started with a phone call to Ron NI7J who was going on vacation, he said,"I have two antenna's before yours so it will be a week after I get back from vacation. True to his word my antenna was delivered on time. Yes this is a
heavy antenna, but WOW what a finish. I mounted my antenna on a Thule heavy duty rack in the bed of my truck.
I long ago grounded everything on my truck, Thanks to K0BG. Once I went on air the reception was so good that strong and
weak signals came flooding in, contacts in Brazil, Spain, Norway. I highly recommend this antenna and the professional who
supplies the products. I will give an update in a year from now. Thanks for reading Paul KS1P 73.