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Thread: "Build Your Own DSP Speaker" - Allen Baker, KG4JJH

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    Post "Build Your Own DSP Speaker" - Allen Baker, KG4JJH

    The November 2011 issues of QST magazine features a DSP speaker DIY Construction project by Allen Baker, KG4JJH.

    For those that would like to "get a jump" on ordering the parts for this project. the details can be found on Allen's web site.

    The project uses the BHI module (NEDSP1061-PCB) as its core build component.

    BHI web site -- NEDSP1061-PCB Datasheet[0]=78027747c662c2550d13b3b190ef21ba

    DSP Speaker Material List (Mouser, Digi-Key, Parts Express, Pololu, etc.)

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    Hi Allen,
    After the reading your article in QST I thought I'd give your speaker project a shot. Thanks for writing the article it looks like it will be fun to build.

    As I'm putting together the parts list it seems that M1 - the DSP processor - is only available directly through BHI in the UK. Is there a source here in the U.S. for this part? Also do you know of an alternate source for the TDA7240AV (U2)?

    Thanks again for a very interesting article and I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

    73 de

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    Tom -

    Allen Baker, KG4JJH author of this November 2011 QST article, did NOT post this information in the QRZ Homebrew and Kit Projects Forum.

    KG4JJH web site, about this construction project.

    The BHI module, M1 is the main component for this project. USA Dealers for this BHI part is found right on the BHI web site !!!
    W4RT Electronics (Alabama) and GAP Antenna Products (Florida)

    Allen has posted this additional information -- about the project:

    An alternate source for the TDA7240AV can be purchased here (Audio Lab Georgia).

    An alternate audio amp chip is the TDA7256. See the data sheet ( for components and heat sink recommendations.

    IF you desire to corrrespond with Allen, KG4JJH directly -- contact him at:
    (e-mail addrerss broken up to discourage robot e-mail scanners): KG4JJH at ARRL dot NET

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    Ive already planned to add 3300 and 4000 Hz for AM and old phasing rigs. Its one of the better QST articles in ages.


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