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Thread: W8VYZ "Ashtabula Bill", AM Icon, SK 9/27/2011

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    Default W8VYZ "Ashtabula Bill", AM Icon, SK 9/27/2011

    Bill Dolvin, W8VYZ of Ohio passed away on September 27th 2011. Known as "Ashtabula Bill", he was a very well-known and highly respected figure in the AM community. W8VYZ had a commanding signal. He often like to say: "There ain't a slop bucket in North America that could bother me!"

    Bill was the quintessential "Old Buzzard" WW-II veteran radio man. He was one of a kind. They don't make 'em like that any more.

    His XYL Sylvia posted a description of Bill's last send off: " It's late and the end of a long day, but have to take the time to tell you that Bill's last send off was great! His ashes rest inside two 833's mounted on a transmitter tuning unit. He would love it! He had full military honors and his grandson showed a video of the song with old Army Air Corps words of Wild Blue Yonder with pics of thundering planes bombs etc etc. A nice turnout with lots of remembering quite a few hams and lots of family. I think we did him proud."

    Read the many tributes and stories about "Ashtabula Bill" W8VYZ:

    RIP, Bill!

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    Bill may have taken a que from the KW-1 coffin.

    Took me 20 years but worked him on 160, 75, 40, 20 and 10.

    Bill will be missed. A true inspiration.


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    I never worked Bill due to lack of respectable working AM equipment. But listened to him many times. He was truly one of a kind!

    May God bless you and your family.


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