RACAL Squadcal TRA906 HF manpack radio
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RACAL Squadcal TRA906 HF manpack radio
5watt USB/CW HF radio 2-7MHz
Crystal controlled
29 channel
18volt (uses 3 lantern batteries 996)
4400g without batteries
This is the first plastic army radio that RACAL made and was as successful as the RA17

This item is tested and working.
It is in fair clean secondhand condition.
At some point the battery has been overtightened and broken out the battery screwholes from the plastic case and this has been Araldited.
This is visible in rear photo along with added cable and socket which allows power to be delivered from a PSU (not supplied) in the absence of the batteries.
It includes
Telephone handset
8ft foldable whip antenna
Empty battery compartment
There are no instructions with the set, but it is very easy to use.
The set has no internal modifications.
It is fitted with 8 crystals giving 8 channels listed below conditions.

RACAL Squadcal Front panel controls and operation
29 position channel selector allows the selection of up to 29 crystal controlled channels in range 2-7MHz (only 8 fitted) USB only 5w pep.
2 identical PTT telephone handset sockets, which can also take Morse key.
Whip antenna socket (8foot whip)
BNC socket 2-5MHz
BNC socket 5-7MHz
Earth binding post
Dessicant inspection window
Meter with meter selector switch
Meter selector selects:
1. Set off position
2. SSB (meter reads battery volts)
3. Morse KEY (meter reads battery volts)
4. AM (meter reads battery volts)
5. TUNE (meter reads antenna current)
Clarifier control
Antenna tune control adjusted on TUNE or on RX noise until meter is peaked
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