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Thread: Yaesu FT-3000M need help!

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    Cool Yaesu FT-3000M need help!

    I got a used 3000m from a fellow ham via swapping via mail. I LOVE this radio, however i can't set it to scan channels as I can't figure out how to delete any memories on it. Every search I've done on the internet I get a pdf with the first 20 pages... anyone know how to at least delete the memory channels / restore to factory defaults or something? I appreciate it!!!

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    if all else fails send Yaesu an email. they may have a PDF copy of the manual they can email you. never hurts to try.

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    Good call. Hadn't thought of that simple solution. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

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    Here's a link below to the manual - in English for $19+. It's also available in Portugese ... :-)

    Or, free at This manual in pdf is hard to find; may God bless the folks at EserviceInfo!

    1. You can reset the CPU by pressing and holding the F1 and the F2 keys together whilst turning the transceiver on (from OFF); manual Page 60.
    2. You can Mask a memory so it looks and acts empty or "vacant;" manual page 30; but, I haven't got this to work, yet.

    I didn't see anything in the manual that allows one to completely empty or delete a memory or return it back to the way it was when the rig was new, unless one resets the CPU.

    Good luck.

    WB7OSR, Kenn

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