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Thread: Will build your small kit

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    Default Will build your small kit

    Have a kit that you've never finished due to the hustle and bustle of life? Want it completed and working? I'm your guy. Completed kits include an Elecraft K2/100 with all four transverter modules, Oak Hills Research QRP Classic, an upgrade module for a tailtwister rotor control, Ten Tec 6M transverter, and lots of other gear. Test and calibration done with a Motorola service monitor. Prefer small kits that take one or two days (or less) to complete, but willing to tackle a big one if you don't mind the long wait (my K2/100 took a month). Price on a per-kit basis, but VERY reasonable. I'll need you to supply the solder because, frankly, when my supply of the "good stuff" is gone, there's no getting any more! We'll have to see how this goes at first, because my workbench is my wife's elegant formal dining room table. Let me know what kit you have and I'll give you a quote after looking at the on-line plan sheet. Please no SMD-only stuff, I'm not set up for it! (Although one or two SMD parts won't make your kit a deal-breaker.) Please, no Echolink-related projects, it's against my belief system.

    73, and thanks for your time, -Web (WY3X) in Myrtle Beach, SC
    *Now buying Echolink boards and interfaces for use in a BB-gun shooting gallery at nearby hamfests! Working or not! Paying up to $1.00 each, plus another dollar to cover your shipping and handling!

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    i have an sdr kit that i need built the link to it is it is the g59 and gpa10

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    -Web (WY3X) in Myrtle Beach, SC>>
    I just took the test for General last week.I’m interested in operating CW low power. I need to check around to see what kitsare available. When I find something I’ll shoot you a note to see if it issomething you would consider, building. >>
    I saw something about kits on this board. I’llcheck it out.>>
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