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Thread: Jetstream JTV680 Multiband Vertical (with no radials)

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    Default Jetstream JTV680 Multiband Vertical (with no radials)

    I saw this antenna advertised in QST. A multiband vertical antenna that needs no radials and uses no counterpoise. So I asked the company if there were any reviews or how does it work, what the performance was (SWR vs Bandwidth) any radiation patterns, etc. It's been several days and nothing... maybe that should tell me something. But has anyone heard of this antenna and whether or not it actually works? I could not find any reviews on the web. It sounds more like the 9th wonder of the world than a real antenna; but who knows, maybe it's good... any comments, reviews, etc?

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    It's new, but appears to be a copy of the Comet CHA-250B, so you might look at that.

    I haven't used one (or even seen one).

    Jetstream isn't a manufacturer, they're an importer/distributor. AFAIK almost all their stuff is made in Taiwan or China.

    I don't know how well it works since I've never used one, but the Comet version is passable on a few bands and terrible on others. It's best with antennas like this to install them atop a 30' tall conductive mast, as the mast itself does quite a lot of the radiating, per all the reports, analyses and reviews.

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    Thanks for the tip. This is basically all I needed to know... 73...

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    Thumbs down snake oil aerials

    ah yes...looks like the Gotham verticals have been resurrected!

    will they work?...yes

    just how good they work is the issue.

    I agree with WB2WIK that it looks like the Comet - I did see a post where someone referred to the Comet as a "terrific dummy load".

    most verticals without proper radials or counterpoise/ground plane will be a big disappointment as soon as one compares it to a proper system.

    I can stick a vertical piece of coat hanger wire in the SO-239 on a radio and hear signals on 40M, and maybe even talk to someone across town...I don't consider that really "working".

    I have used a lot of verticals in my days playing with the wireless - do it right and you will be very happy.

    Best wishes.

    73, John

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    I have one of these it is mounted on an old flag pole about 10 feet off of the ground.
    It has a great SWR using an Icom 7200 pushing 100 watts most of the time.
    No radials or ground wires as of yet. Ground wires are a future project.
    Since I have had it so far about 2 months it seems to work as well as my 53 foot long wire.
    I'm using a MFJ tuner for both.
    I have only been using it on 10 and 6 meters as a Tech I'm limited to band use.
    I know that is not a great review but having it only 2 months ,can't do much better
    73 All

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    Working as well as a 53' wire is an interesting comparison, since the wire probably cost about $2 and the vertical antenna costs a lot more than that.

    When one has nothing "good" to compare an antenna to, every antenna out there works terrific.

    But these kind of vertical designs are certainly better than nothing and will definitely make contacts.

    I tried a very well made "E-H antenna" a few years ago, made about as well as one can be made. They've been proven to be rather terrible antennas, but in a DX contest I worked 60 countries in about two hours using only that, and 100W. Of course most of those contacts were likely with "big gun" DX stations using big beams and very good equipment, so they can hear a pin drop at 10,000 miles. In my case, I did have two other antennas to compare it to: My Hustler 6BTV with 24 radials on the roof, and my 5-band log periodic beam antenna at 54 feet on a tower.

    The 6BTV "clobbered" the E-H antenna in all cases, by 10-12-15 dB, sometimes more; the beam was far better than that. However, the E-H did make a lot of DX contacts, so "everything works" for sure.

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    [QUOTE=K4LSX;2320273]ah yes...looks like the Gotham verticals have been resurrected!

    Isn't that what Batman and Robin used to slide down into the Bat Cave?

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