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Thread: Heil GM4 only working on Narrow

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    Default Heil GM4 only working on Narrow

    Hi All

    I have a GM4 on my Pro2 for the last 18 months, One day last week I went to answer a CQ and the rig would not key ( I use Vox) I tried to manually key mike using foot switch and then used the TX button on the Icom but no audio was getting out, I tried it on my Ts2000 and it was the same,

    then I flicked the little Wide/Narrow switch over to narrow and it worked perfect,

    Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong, I emailed Heil but I got no reply, Can I retrofit a GM5 insert into it, Is it hard done and is there any info online on how to do it.

    also where can I get a replacment element.

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    The Heil Goldline GM4 mic created specifically for full-range smooth articulate SSB audio with a wide 60Hz-16kHz response.
    A +4dB peak @2 kHz gives the new Goldline microphone excellent voice articulation along with it’s “big bottom” low end
    that is all so important for producing a well balanced studio quality SSB signal.
    This microphone is a discontinued Heil product.

    The Heil Goldline GM4 is equipped with a full-range (broadcast) mic element and the famous DX Dream Machine HC-4 element.

    I assume that you are using the CC-1-I adapter cable for your Icom IC-756Pro II ??

    It sounds like that the full-range element in your GM4 ... has failed.


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    Send product (shipping prepaid) to:

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    Please call the Heil Sound Service Department at +1 (618) 257-3000 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (CST) -- if you have questions.

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    I would bet the switch has open contacts.
    I have an HM10 with dual elements (4 and 5).
    The switch acted up once.
    Good luck.

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    Try squirting a very wee small amount of Deoxit into the switch. This can be done from outside the Mic, no need to disassemble, point the little straw into the bottom of the switches metal toggle, wee squirt, and work the switch ten to twenty times while the spray is still wet. The rear side of the switch is sealed, so disassembly won't accomplish anything here. The only opening into the switch is that toggle bearing on top.

    I had to do that to mine back when I had one.


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