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Thread: how to operate the FC-800

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    Default how to operate the FC-800

    Hi to all
    I have a new yaesu antenna tuner FC-800 to use with my FT-890, (Ill skip the details)
    The FT-890 is dead so I am using an icom IC-728 nice rig.
    1st- question can the IC-728 control the FC-800
    2 - the AH-3 or AH-4 external circuit will it operate the FC-800
    3 - If a get the FT-450D any chance to get the FC-800 working ?????
    Dos any one has any info how to operate the FC-800 alone (with external control) etc
    Thanks 73
    PS : heeeeellllp (hi hi)

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    The protocol is entirely different, and no one makes an interface. And, if memory serves correctly, the FC-800 was brought out with the FT-840. If the protocol is the same as the FC40, you could use it with the FT-450.
    Alan Applegate, KBG

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    The Yaesu FC-800 External Remote Automatic Tuner is designed for the FT-840.
    It uses of the control circuitry built into the FT-840, which allows the operator to control and
    monitor automatic operation of the FC-800 mounted near the antenna feed point.

    Yaesu FC-800 Operating Manual

    I have attached FC-800 schematic diagram, that I found on the Internet

    Intelligent Software Solutions
    Ham Kits features projects by AA4PB

    He has developed interfaces for remote antenna tuner --
    WHEN the manufacturer provides sufficent documentation AND
    amateurs are willing to pay for research, design and kits.

    The Model PTC-1 Tuner Control Interface - was originally described in the March 2004 QST, page 33.

    Icom/Alinco/SGC/Interface FAQs
    Better RF offers an Icom AH-4 interface for Yaesu radios

    The FT-890 is dead
    What happen to the Yaesu FT-890 ??

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