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    Thumbs up DIAMOND MX-3000 TRIPLEXER

    Listing one DIAMOND MX-3000 TRIPLEXER for sale in EXCELLENT condition.


    Port: LPF/BPF/HPF
    Frequency (MHz): 1.6-160/350-500/850-1300
    CW W: 400/200/100
    PEP W: 800/400/200
    Loss dB: .2/.3/.4
    Isol dB: 55/55/55
    Mix Connector: N-Jack (F)
    Port connector: PL-259 & 12" 5D cable/PL-259 & 12" 5D cable/N-Male & 12" 5D cable

    ASKING $50.00 + $6.00 shipping to your CONUS address. USPS money orders and PayPal (+3.5% PayPal fees) accepted. If interested contact email below or call 619*592*2356.

    Thank you & 73!

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    Joe Acevedo, N6SIX

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