Good day. I am curious how many hams are using or have used the message center from Yaesu. As far as I can tell, it was only designed for the FT-736R satellite radio. In particular, is there anyone in the Northeast near FN41 who has one? I would like to try it out with you and see how it works. I know there's thousands of '736's out there, but how many of the FMP-1's were purchased to go with these rigs? Is there software to use with it? The manual does mention about using a PC for memory storage and display. Did anyone ever write a program? If you have one of these, just a quick reply is all that I'm looking for. But if you're using it, a little review would be cool as well! You don't have to be in the US either - a reply from anywhere in the world will be useful to the rest of us. Thanks & 73... Larry N1MIW