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Thread: Timewave PK-232PSK Multi-Mode Data Controller

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    Default Timewave PK-232PSK Multi-Mode Data Controller

    This unit is marked PK-232DSP on the cabinet, but the serial number sticker on the cabinet says PK232PSK and inside it is a PSK. Serial number is 120949. The PSK model is the more recent version of the PK-232, with the DSP version being the previous version. During the manufacture transition between the two models, Timewave continued to use up the covers they already had marked DSP. (On the Timewave website the PSK unit info sheet still shows a picture of the DSP. See

    I am currently living in Africa, where I am 5Z4EE. This is a unit I left with my brother N9LSL in Illinois. The unit was working fine the last time I saw it and it has been kept since then in a clean dry climate by my brother, who is an electrical engineer.

    We are not able to test it again now, so it is sold as is and priced accordingly as a bargain ($499.99 new at AES). Cables and manual for the unit are not included, but you can get a pre-assembled set to match your radio at and download the manual at

    My brother will send the unit to the buyer by UPS or USPS Priority Mail ithe next business day after my receipt of payment.

    Price is $160 including shipping in continental U.S. Paypal only.

    Sig, 5Z4EE (NV7E) e-mail or
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