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    Smile Heathkit HW-101 with power supply HP 23A

    HI everyone. While were talking HW-101 and HP-23A. Ive got both just got them off e bay three weeks ago. I didnt have the power cord so ordered it off e bay also and need to wire it up. The 11pin wiring from the Hw-101 manual is different from the wiring on the power supply. Also the radio manual shows two different wiring of the cable. Need to know what is the right one to use. The 23A does have the three way switch with center off. The radio does have the switch to turn power supply on/off.

    Thanks John KN5UPS No smoke yet

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    The only two different wirings of the power cable I can see in the HW-101 manual (note, I have an HW-100) is the HP-13 wiring diagram on P.113 and the HP-23 wiring diagram on P.114. The HP-13 is a mobile power supply, different than the HP-23 and since it is mobile it does not need to provide 12V for the filaments; the car power system does that.
    And what do you mean that the HP-23 wiring is different from the HW-101 manual? Have you checked your HP-23's wiring against the HP-23 manual?


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    The power switch on the HP-23A needs to be set at the 300 volt position for the HW-101. Then the off/on switch in the unit controls the power supply. If the power switch on the HP-23A is in the "off" position then it will not turn on when the switch in the HW-101 is activated.

    Of all of the Heath HP-23 series power supplies the HP-23A is definitely the best. It has the switch to change the lower B+, it has both fixed and variable bias, it has a slightly higher high B+ voltage than the original HP-23, and it has both 6.3 VAC and 12.6 VAC "filament" voltage. The earlier HP-23 is next but you have to actually change a jumper inside to change the low B+ and the high B+ is slightly lower than the rest of the series. The HP-23B, HP-23C, and PS-23 have only a fixed bias and only 12.6 VAC for the filaments.

    The power cords in the manual are probably for when used with the HP-23 series AC power supplies and for when used with the HP-13 series DC power supplies. The HW-101 does not have as many connections to the HP-23A power supply because the variable bias and the 6.3 VAC filament windings are not connected. Also, I believe that pin 11 on the HW-101 power connector is used to switch an external relay to ground on transmit like when controlling a linear amplifier.

    Glen, K9STH

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    OK see what you mean. If i make up the cable like the fig 1-6 on page 114 and make both ends the same I should be good to go. I wont need the external wire because im not using antenna realy. What threw me is the schematic for the HP 23A pin 11 is adjustable Bias but in the cable its inner lead for antenna relay.

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    Default power cable

    Also to note if you use the diagram that came with the cable. There is no connection in pins 5-8-11

    John KN5UPS

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    Default Heathkit HP-23A setting

    [QUOTE=KN5UPS;2219401]HI everyone. While were talking HW-101 and HP-23A. Ive got both just got them off e bay three weeks ago. Thanks John KN5UPS No smoke yet[
    Set the LV switch to 300V for the HW-100 and HP101. You set the LV to 250V for the monobanders - HW-12, HW-22 and HW-32

    The cable should wired as per the HP-23A manual. Double check (triple check!) the LV and 800V pins on the cable before applying power. You can jumper the 110VAC line on the HP-23A to turn it on without connecting it to the HW-101.

    73, Bernie

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