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Thread: SB 104: replacement of PA amplifier Transistors

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    Default SB 104: replacement of PA amplifier Transistors

    With what recent transistors can we replace 2N6456 OR CD2664 of PA of SB 104 ? (MRF??)

    And eventualy for the Driver the same question for CD3442 OR PT6619?


    Daniel F5GF

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    Daniel -

    Your best reference web site for the SB-104 repairs is maintained by Kees, K5BCQ

    PDF version

    RF Parts carries a wide variety of American and Japanese RF power transistors.

    Nullius in verba

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    Have somebody the transistors characteristics of the driver of the P.A of the SB 104 (CD3442 or PT6619? I do not succeed in finding them on the net.

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    CD3442 or PT6619, which are the RF driver transistors in the Heathkit SB-104 transceiver.
    I have not been successful in finding these (search engines) on the Internet.
    The PT6619 is a TRW manufactured part. TRW used the "PT" prefix in their numbers. TRW no longer OEM produces these parts. (Obsolete)
    Many of their products were based on or similar to the Motorola MRF/SRF series RF transistors.

    You will need to cross reference this part with a Motorola or Toshiba equivalent.
    RF Parts (California - USA) can assist you in that process.

    Advanced Semiconductor Inc. (ASI) manufactures a replacement line of PT transistors originally made by TRW and Motorola which they have now obsoleted.
    Theses PT transistors cover a full range of HF, VHF and UHF frequency ranges.
    For PT6619 price, delivery, and datasheet, see the part table on their web page (contact them for details -- per your question).

    CONTACT (telephone or e-mail): ASI (above); RF Parts (above), or

    Kees, K5BCQ :

    Surplus Sales of Nebraska (Bob), lists this surplus (discontinued) part as "in stock" at $ 40.00 USD

    Good luck !

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