For those of you who are contemplating getting a Gain Master then this video I made today might be worth watching. I don't know how many of you guys have got this antenna, I haven't seen any posts on the forums referring to anyone using it.

If you want a vertical for 10 m and this is definitely worth a look, it has the benefit of being totally usable on all the CB frequencies as well. However, I'm not convinced that the performance is quite as good as a lot of people are making out. As you can see by the video, I compared it to my Antron 99 and the results were quite interesting. I am going to carry out further tests and hope that at some stage we will get a little bit of sporadic E where I will see how the two antennas compare. However, in hindsight, unless I wanted an antenna for the 10 m band I don't think I would spend the extra 40 that this antenna costs over an Antron