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Thread: Arrow antenna w. 2 HTs

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    Default Arrow antenna w. 2 HTs

    Hi All,

    New ham here, I've been having a ball working the 2-meter/70cm FM satellites (AO-51, 27, SO-50,...) and like, I suppose, many of us I'm always thinking about how to improve things.

    I'm using a Wouxun HT, feeding an old Arrow antenna through a duplexer.

    Now, what if I buy another Wouxun (a little over a 100 bucks) and elliminate the duplexer (and its losses) and use one radio for receiving the 70 cm transmissions from the satellites and the other to transmit on the 2-meter uplink?

    I'd get full duplex and could hear my transmissions to see if I was making it to the satellite and would, maybe,have less loss on both xmit and receive...more signal in and out? A duplexer must have some loss, if I could eliminate that....

    I can't put up an outside antenna so the Arrow is about the best I can do on that end.

    Any comments and advice will be appreciated...




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    I am thinking about the same thing,I have an IC v82 for uplink and just need to get an HT for downlinks......I got an Arrow II also.
    Rick KE7NPH
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    Many people already do this with 2 HT's . It is much easier to work the birds with full duplex, then you know when you are getting through ..

    I still have my Trusty Arrow and Wouxun but havent used them much since putting together my base set up.

    I'm sure I will if I do any traveling next summer. Wouxun is also coming out with a full duplex mobile dual bander which would be cool to have in the truck, just hook up the arrow and go for it..

    Craig, W1MSG
    Icom IC-9100 DStar
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    This is the exact setup I use - 2 HTs and an Arrow. I really enjoy operating this way. It makes satellite work so much more enjoyable when you can hear your downlink signal. It will really help if you buy a pair of headphones for the 70cm HT. You can see some of my setup on the YouTube videos at the bottom of my QRZ page. I don't think there are any closeups, but it will help give you the general idea.
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    Default 2HTs and an Arrow

    I have done this many times with a couple of Radio Shack HTs (202/404) and it works just fine. I kept the 2 meter radio on my belt with the frequency locked. Held the 440 and adjusted it for doppler. Add headphones and a speaker mic and your in business. I put my Arrow on a camera tripod just to make things a bit easier.

    Good luck and 73's,

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