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Thread: Mosley Dealers?

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    Default Mosley Dealers?

    Does anyone sell Mosley antennas or do you have to go to Mosley direct to but from? Thanks, Joe B

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    I have always bought direct from them with good luck and great support. I don't know of any distributors, I can't remember seeing a Mosley advertised through a distributor.

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    Default Mosley Beam Antenna

    Joe , I bought one recently. It's still in the box. I found the Mosley phone number and called them. Here is info: MOSLEY ELECTRONICS INC. 1325 STYLE MASTER DR. UNION, MO 63084 (636)583-8595 I hope this helps. k5upi:

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    Back in the "goode olde dayes", Mosley definitely sold through dealers. In fact, their advertisements in all of the amateur radio magazines said to look for the "yellow decal" at more than 250 dealers across the country. The "yellow decal" indicated that the dealer handled Mosley antennas.

    However, from what I can tell, Mosley is now only factory direct.

    Glen, K9STH

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    However, from what I can tell, Mosley is now only factory direct.
    Correct. Mosley sold TV antennas and accessories in 1950s and 1960s -- so your local radio/TV shop may have been a dealer,
    or could order product from local distributor.

    In the end, the TV antenna (consumer reception) market was left with 3 major manufacturers that were located in fringe / deep fringe TV reception areas (Burlington, IA - Winegard and AntennCraft and Channel Master in North Carolina).

    Antenna Test Range was outside on the tower or in the parking lot -- with actual off-air-reception !!

    For Winegard in Burlington, IA .. in post WW2 .. 1950s and 1960s --
    you could not have ended up with a better situation for an "off-air" VHF antenna -- test range.

    To the South, you have WGEM and KHQA both transmitter sites located just north of Quincy, IL .. within site of the Gates/Harris broadcast transmitter manufacturing facility (former Gates HQ). Clean engineering and showpieces for the local company.

    To the North, you had Cedar Rapids / West Branch, IA transmitter sites ... and the 3 Quad Cities TV stations to NE about same distance
    one within walking distance of the Collins HQ and manufacturing plants -- before Collins sold off their broadcast division to Continental.
    Again, excellent engineering for those using Collins gear.
    The University of Iowa/Iowa Public TV site in West Branch, IA ran a GE transmitter until early 1990s,
    when one of the first Harris solid-state units was placed into service.

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    Direct only but IMHP they are worth the wait to get one of there antennas high quality++.
    73 de Fred N0AZZ


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