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Thread: Shure 444 mic

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    Question Shure 444 mic

    Do you guys have any good or bad experiences with this mic? I'm about to pick one up from a fellow ham and use it with my Yaesu FT-847 and I was just wonder if its good or bad, 73's
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    Do you guys have any good or bad experiences with this mic?
    Alberto -

    The Shure 444 microphone is techncially, very well designed and well supported by Shure (the manufacturer).
    Thousands of these microphoens were produced and sold for public address (e.g. shopping malls, schools, bus/train terminals, dispatch offices) and radio base station/fixed usage (land mobile, amateur radio).

    There were serveral VERSIONS (five) of the Shure 444 / 450 series microphones. Shure publishes User Guides for their microphone that contains ALL the information a compentent electronics, music/theatre tech, or radio technican requires for hook-up.

    The appeal of the 444 design is a PERSONAL choice/preference (Form follows function).

    As far as voice / audio performance, only YOU can match your unique voice characteristics (bassy, tinny, mumbles) to the microphone frequency response (shown in the User Guide chart).

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    Default the 444 is a decent mic if you like desk mics...

    The 444 is a decent desk mic, but I personally prefer a mic mounted on a boom as opposed to a mic taking up valuable (and in my case limited) desktop space.

    A mic on a boom allows me to close-mic myself without the need to hold the desktop mic to my mouth, an action which requires the use of both hands (specially if you happen to be a maldroit like myself).

    In most broadcast studios, you will find the microphone on a boom as you will in some dispatch centers, in other dispatch centers you will find the microphone on a flexible gooseneck, and still others, a desk mic. It all depends upon whether you have the desk space for the mic.
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    Default Shure 444

    I have a 444 and a 444D. Personally I like desk microphones and they are heavy enough to stay put! I like the 444D because it has dual impedance which makes it useful for both old and new equipment. They can usually be had at very reasonable prices also. Just my 2 cents.


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