Machinsts Note Below

IC-751A late model - PBT
Optional Internal Power Supply
Non-Volatile RAM Backup
60 Meter enabled
HM-12 Hand Mic
Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
Manual, Schematics, Copy of Service Manual
Cosmetic 7 - Has good repaint (was mobile at times)
- couple of touched-up scratches on top edge of Front Panel
$550 Shipped CONUS

AH-2a Tuner - By itself, same electronically as AH-3
Works with IC-725, 726, 728, 729, 706 and all current ICOMs with
4 Pin Tuner Connection
Some marks on plastic tuner body
SO-239 Input installed
Will work with non-ICOM gear with simple tune actuation circuit
(resistor, diode, LED & push-button)
Manual, schematics
$225 Shipped CONUS

AH-2a Control Head
Adapts IC-730, 735, 740, 745, 751/A to Tuner
$65 Shipped CONUS (needs OPC-118 for those above
other and must manually reduce power on other than 735)

OPC-118 7 and 8 pin to 24 Pin Molex adaptor
$25 mailed CONUS

(AH-2a Tuner, Control Head and OPC-118)
$270 Shipped CONUS

SM-8 Desk Mic
Two Cords - switchable between two rigs from mic
(2nd cord/plug not ICOM original)
Instruction sheet
$125 Shipped CONUS

Or offers...more than one item..?

Machinists Note: Will consider the above in trade for machining work in aluminum. I have PDF 'shop drawings.'

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