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Thread: N1MM and PSK31

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    Default N1MM and PSK31

    Does anyone know of a good way of interfacing the two (weather it be DM780 or another PSK software)? I've been searching on the internet for a way to easily log your contacts as they occur to N1MM, but I am coming up empty handed.

    After all my searching, I have pretty much resided myself to having two operators for our PSK setup this year. One to work DM780 and the other logging the contacts into N1MM.

    Any suggestions on another way of doing it? Thanks!

    -Scott, KJ4CTS

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    Just use N1MM's built-in support for PSK31 via third party software. N1MM gives you three options for digital modes support- MMTTY, MMVARI, and FLDigi. MMTTY is good for RTTY contests. However, it doesn't support other modes. Thankfully, the last two I listed, MMVARI and FLDigi do support PSK31 and other modes.

    Check out the online documentation.

    73, David

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    MMVARI and FLDigi as mentioned are fully integrated into N1MM. I've run a couple of PSK contests with MMVARI and it works fine. I prefer MMTTY for RTTY but you can use the others for RTTY and other digital modes.

    Have you not been able to get it working? The N1MM Digital list on Yahoo could be a good resource for you.
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    Thanks for the responses guys, that sets me on the right track. Have fun @ FD this year!

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