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Thread: Alinco DR-570 low tx audio

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    Default Alinco DR-570 low tx audio

    I am helping a new ham get his first station setup and we ran into an issue last night that I am not sure how to resolve. We were on 2m Simplex, and while his signal was strong, his audio was quite low.

    Looking at the manual for his radio, I did not see anywhere to make and adjustment to the mic gain. Does anyone know if there is an adjustment point inside the rig where we can turn it up a bit? We checked the mic (original dtmf version) for any obvious problems and did not find anything. I am going to wire up a different mic, but if that does not help, I am hoping there is an internal adjustment we can try.

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    Is the DTMF tone from the keypad stronger than the voice ?
    ? If so you may just need a mic element replacment.
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